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slow fishin

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Well took a member out who replied to my "open seat post". So Pippen and I set out and first thing we see is a native net, not a good sign,, head too Grassy there three nets in the bay so we fish, I set a bar rig, Pippen takes over with my Calcutta. Now I gota say for a guy who never used a level wind before using braided line Pippen after just a couple small nests was throwin that baby like a pro :eek:
Anyways we saw two fish taken slightly lower than us at grassy after fishin fow a few hours, pretty slow, so we decide to head upriver, we end up at peg leg and past what had to be at least 20 nets that we could see along the way, well we kinda started gettin discouraged nothin seen even at peg, oh and for those of you the water is still too high no-one fishin the walk-in side all anchored in boats on the other side.
Does anyone know when the native opening ends?
Well thanks again Pippen for the bottle of wine the wife and I will save it till we can have it with a fresh sockeye :) , it was once again a pleasure to put a face to a name once again we shall get together again for the sockeye I've got your number and expect a call when fishin is hot, help pay for your gas etc etc :wink: :wink:
By the way we did not even see a sock caught today, not too many bouncers but enough to tell if any socks were in there to catch.
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Does anyone know when the native opening ends?

Probably when the fish quit swimming upriver... :lol:
According to Dfo there are no registered openings for bands on the water as of 7:00 pm Sat
smart ass :lol:
hey Roscoe, here is a link to the Native Openings site...It is a little hard to make complete sense of it, but it does help a little.. :? :? http://www.pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/fraserriver/firstnations/firstnationsLF_e.htm.... I hope that works for you as I just copied it from my favorites....sorry to hear you had no luck....TL :lol:
It looks as if we may get a brake for a week or so after the 29th....which means the fish will be there in upper areas by the 1st or so....TL
Thanks a lot Carlos.....it was fun to get out there and experience the "river" side of things. I meant to post up sooner, but as soon as I got back home a buddy called and I quickly packed a bag and headed out crusing through the gulf islands for the weekend.

Absolutely would love to get out again and see first hand the sockeye gongshow. If it is half what you had described it could certainly be something worth checking out.

Thanks again, although unproductive from the "fish" side of things it was great to get out.
Yeah that web site is a bit decieving check it after Wed. Thats when you'll see how many bands are going to be out there.
Crazy D
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