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sooo I was fishing at a local lake the other day, just off shore standing on some big rocks. I had about 3 hits so far on my black leech with just an irregular slow retrieve and finally got one hooked. I began to bring in the line and noticed the fly was hooked on the side of the fish near the head. I couldnt see clearly so I just assumed it was badly hooked on the very corner of the fish's mouth. Well it turned out I had snagged the fish.. in the.. eye..

I was like, oh crap little buddy. It wasnt directly in the eye, but more in the socket behind the eye. think of the little bone on the outsides of your eyesockets where your eye lids are attached (lol at discription). I was scared for him, and I did not know if he was mortally wounded, but I just decided to have him for dinner anyways just incase. I didn't want to release him incase his eye was buggered up for good.

is there a reason why I would have snagged the fish like this? could he have been going for my leech but i pulled it away last second and it clipped his protruding part? I was doing a slow retrieve with a small, quick 3 inch jerk in between.
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