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So, what are you planning on buying this year to fulfill your fishing needs/lust

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Sold all my boats last year (3) to offset the cost of my two kids weddings in 2007 and their BCIT costs the previous year.
Yup, I would like to buy one good boat set up for fresh and saltwater use.
Don't need any gear this year...well stocked.

How about you guys?
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nice pontoon, and lessons from Ortho. already bought the latest addition, a Loomis GL3 1263. now I just need to get o ;Dut to use it!
Got most of the gear for bein' a "saltie".....but missing not having a boat again.

So.....this year especially with the $$$ I think it is time to get into something around 26-30' for out on the chuck.
Re: So, what are you planning on buying this year to fulfill your fishing needs/

To build my own rod! I've already ordered the 3106 LB blank.It has an 8-17 lb rating but only make them in CP rods so I will convert the blank into a baitcastor. A perfect Stamp steel rod!

If the lawyer bills stop coming I just might pick up a new sled ,16 alaskan wooldridge tiller 90 jet.

and maybee a few more classic fly reels.
hey jbj, I'll pay for the gas, and you know I'mm good for the beer :cheers:
looking to get a new spey setup and a pontoon :thumbup: hopefully a new truck to take me fishing :beerchug:
7 or 8 wt spey set up, before I head to Terrace for a couple weeks in october.

I am not much of a gear junky most of my fishing dollars are spent funding trips throughout BC, WA, YK and AK.
A few more shiny new Orvis fly reels for my still water habits. :thumbup:

Finder ;)
I'm getting a new boat that doesn't leak. ;D :cheers:
Save up all pay checks for a islander and sage 2106 mb
good luck finding a 2106B
I think I already blew this years budget :'( Ok, maybe a toy or 2 will slip in. Actually I'll be spending a bit of money setting up a room just for my fishing and fly tying :D
i also would like a water tight boat,but the wife is being really stubborn on this one. :'(.i blew the budget with the new golf clubs.
some glue to patch my waders, also would like a dirt bike to get me away from the crowds.
too bad the reel seat is tied backwards :-*
Right now I'm lookin at a .50BMG single shot, I've got all the fishing gear I need to last 6 life times. Hunting gear is what I need. The .50BMG fits the bill as i want to get in the 1.5mile killing zone deer and bear hunting!
i prefer the 50 cal for two legged creatures....
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