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G'Day. I thought I would share this with you. There are so many factors that influence a run. I believe last year we only had ONE sockeye return to the hatchery in Stanley. Cheers, Gary

First sockeye comes home to Idaho

By Rocky Barker - Idaho Statesman
Edition Date: 07/25/08

The first sockeye salmon returned to the Sawtooth Valley Friday and fisheries biologists are hoping hundreds more will follow.

The largest run of sockeye salmon since 1955 are heading up the Columbia and Snake rivers. Oregon officials and the Fish Passage Center, a team of biologists who monitor salmon migrations, say court-ordered spills of water over the eight dams that stand between Idaho and the Pacific account for the high returns. But federal officials still say good ocean conditions are responsible.

The number of returning sockeye is even higher than any year since Lower Granite Dam near Lewiston, the last dam built, went operational in 1975. More than 213,400 salmon had passed Bonneville Dam, the first dam on the Columbia River from the ocean.

So far 814 sockeye were counted at Lower Granite and are heading for Redfish Lake and the Sawtooth Hatchery near Stanley.

Paul Kline, assistant fisheries bureau chief for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, said biologists are watching to see how many sockeye make the final 462-mile trip from Lower Granite, up the Salmon River to the Sawtooth Valley.

The mortality rate from the Lower Granite dam has been as high as 75 percent in past years, partly because of high stream temperatures and a widespread parasite, Kline said.
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