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I didn't know the coquitlam river had sockeye.I saw a guy carrying his 4 out ????I think I'll check the regs :? :?
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4 !!!!!!!

i wasnt aware that the Coquitlam had a retention besides the COHO in the fall

someone comfirm this please

From what I can see, you can only retain one hatchery coho from the Coquitlam from Oct 1 - Dec 31. So killing four sockeye from that system would not be legal! Check out the table via the following link:

General Information
ABORIGINAL - General Information
COMMERCIAL - General Information
RECREATIONAL - General Information

Subject: FN0617-Salmon: Fraser River - Region 2 - Consumption Advisory - July 31 - Spill


During the late evening hours of Monday July 31, 2006 a CP train derailment at
the confluence of the Fraser / Thompson Rivers resulted in approximately 1,200
tons of coal product being spilled into the Fraser River. Some Fraser River
salmon are expected to have been exposed to this spilled coal product.
Best information received to date suggests that the risk to human health
associated with consumption of salmon potentially exposed to the coal material
is very small. Samples of salmon that may have been exposed to this coal
product will be collected to determine if exposure to this material has
potential to render these fish unfit for human consumption. As a precautionary
approach, fishers who may have caught and retained salmon in the Fraser River
since the time of the spill should consider only consuming the flesh of the
fish (ie: no consumption of external parts of the fish including skin, heads,
etc). A further option fishers may wish to consider is retaining but not
consuming the fish until analysis of the samples collected can be completed.
The results from the sample analysis is expected to be available early in the
week of August 7. A follow up information notice will be prepared outlining
the results of the sample analysis.

Michael Crowe
DFO  Kamloops, B.C.
Tel. 250-851-4963

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN0617
Sent August 2, 2006 at 1553
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If you see anyone retaining fish from the Coquitlam other than Hatchery Coho as stated by FFM, call the DFO or RCMP. There is no retention of any other type of fish in this river. Especially 4 Sockeye! The coquitlam used to have a great run of socks until the dam went up years back. Since then it has dwindled to next to nothing.
yes i know that they river used to be crazy with sockeye

i remember my dad telling me stories of when he was a kid growing up in Port Coquitlam going down to the river and you could literally walk across them they were in there so thick back then

and then the gravel pit and damn went in and BANG GONE

sad sad situation that was

from what i heard last year we had a gravel pit start on the Chehalis river as well. Lets all hope and pray this doesnt happen there as well

tight lines

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yes, coquitlam means red fish. Nobody should be fishing ths river cause it sucks, and there is no fish in it. he must of got the fish from the fraser flychucker
ill tell you what you do if you see someone pulling or snagin fish out of the coquitlam river its very simple .first you need to have a very quiet pair of sneekers,second you need a good framing hammer ,third is a good swing. need i say more :shock: never knew socks were in there but ive seen what peeps do when pinks and chum enter snaggy snaggy .im sure thats how budy caught those socks. that river is so low now fish would be holding in any pool it could find.
there are no socks in the coquitlam. since the dam went up, all the socks=GONE. must have gotten at the mouth or in the fraser. and if not, they must be strays, and the guy, a f***head.
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