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Sooke Fishing Charters

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Okay after much consideration, we've decided on a early May trip to Sooke for a fishing charter. We'll probably have 4-6 people. I was wondering if anybody knew if early May would be a good time for fishing at the Sooke area. We're looking for salmon/halibut but would be perfectly content with some nice bottom fish. Mainly, we're tired of getting 1-2lb rockcod and flounders. We're looking for bigger fish. Anyways i was wondering if anybody could recommend a good fishing charter by Sooke that might be able to accomodate up to 6 people. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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We are in a slot size resriction till the middle of May(east of Sheringham pt.) There is quite a few halis around right now,should be around then too :confused: . I would wait till the middle of May at least or go to Renfrew (with the iffy weather condition there even that time of year)....
I know lots of guys in either place
Not quite sure what you mean by slot size restriction. And we have to go around beginning of May, that's only time we're able to go on our schedules. But if you don't recommend us going during beginning of May we can always arrange for something in August. Its just we're not familiar with that area. Don't know how the fishing is or the weather or what not. If ther are any other areas you guys can recommend during early May i'd be up for it too. Also if you guys know any good accomodations in the Sooke area it would be great as well. Thanks.
August will be prime and big fish too. Untill may 15th we are only allowed springs (which will be the only things around in May) between 45 and 67cm's (excluding hatches) and by May there will be quite a few mature fish swimming around that will have to be released..... probably worse for wear, not too worth it IMO.
The halibut will be around in May, sooke is good but not the greatest spot. If you want a serious day and some meat in the freezer head the extra hour and a bit to Port Renfrew, weather permitting you can get to the banks for some unreal halibut, gound fish, springs (no slot limit there) and the coho usually start showing on the outside around then aswell (smaller fish) and ya get them while hali fishin on a buzz bomb 5-15ft under the boat :thumbup:...... till ya get bored.

I would head to Renny.... my :2cents:
For the most part, it can be said the more north you go the better the fishing (not in all cases don't get me wrong). I'd suggest going up to Port Hardy myself...imho best fishing you'll find on the island...but definitely do August and not May though...much better fishing.

How is port renfrew in May? I wouldn't mind driving the extra bit if there are that many more fish as long as the guide can accodomate 6 people. Or were your comments only for august? Port Hardy is too far =(
I used Adam's Charters...He runs out of Victoria but he was amazing when we went with him just recently.
Hope this helps,
I have fished sooke for many years and it a great place to fish.

I would highly recommend fishing with Al Kennedy of reel excitement fishing adventures.
he knows his way around and is a great guide. I have fished with him a few times and always during non- peak times and we have always had fantastic fishing.

Bobu.... your in box is full.... and by the way, dont have to wish ya luck. Youll have it ;)
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