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IMG_1043 (2).jpg River Small Mouth

Had a chance to get back to my hometown: Guelph, Ontario this summer.

Went and visited some family & friends in:


Did a fair amount of fishing.
Unfortunately, we were in the "Dog Days of Summer" and the typical suspects:


were not being too co-operative. Lures were NOT the ticket! A more "finesse style" using live bait:

Worms & Minnows

was the key.

The fish were very lethargic... and your best opportunities were either: Early Morning or Late evening.
We "should have" rented a boat and got out into deeper waters ... but that just was not meant to be.

No complaints -> had a wonderful time visiting with old friends and family.
I knew going into it... that things would be tough, just honestly "forgot" how hard it can be to entice fish this time of year.

Another month and the "Salmon Insanity" (Pier and Tributary) fishing begins in the GTA waters.

Early November and the STEEL HEAD Fishery is amazing! I hate to say it ... but the Steel Head fishery in GTA areas outproduces anything available in the Lower Main Land. It's a shame to see that "Introduced Species" have become a "better fishery" in Ontario than in their Native BC waters. The habitat and Stocking programs have been hugely successful.

Ontario is not "Perfect" but the single MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) combined with so many local and volunteer groups and initiatives... is making a huge difference. The results show.

* I hope the "SOMEDAY" us residents of BC will -> Kick the DFO out and regain full control of our Fisheries and Waters. I also look forward to better relations and initiatives with the Commercial & First Nation interests. BC was "once" the most desired fishing location on the planet .... let us ALL work together in getting that back!

** The Fraser River Sturgeon Fishery is an example of "What can be done". So many of my friends back in Ontario have either come out and enjoyed it, or are actively talking about the huge success.
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