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Ditched work early for a 'dental appointment' - true we did some dental work on a salmon, a hook implant - and caught a ride with Sandhead on his great boat. Started fishing at the first mark on Spanish Bank with a rod at 44' and 70'. Once the rods are out we see High Five the boat in front of us is playing a fish. Then a good sized spring jump times 50 yards in front of us. We fish for an hour when Sandhead see a small strike on the 70' anchovy and flasher, it did not take it off the clip. I hook the fish and give it too Mark a newbie to ocean fishing and confidently say, 'it's not that big.' The reel screems off nearly taking Mark's fingers with it - he lucked out and got them out. After a good fight I had to tail another fish as Sandhead's net was far too small - or I like to be cool and tail fish. It was about 36" and a red. We fished until sun set with no more action just one snag between the Bell Bouy and that last marker, most like where Pippin and Morgano left that trap. We only ran anchovies with flashers.
Sandhead wanted to remian anomious.

Have fun, Jason
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