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:arrow: May 12

If you love catching speckeled trout, you need to go and get in your boat right now. The trout bite has been superb! All of the fish have been nice sized, averaging 18 inches or bigger. Sure there are some smaller ones, but just move off the small bite and you will find the bigger ones.

On one trip this week we had our limit caught in 45 minutes. The limit would have been 12 but we only kept 2 for dinner and released all of the rest. It seemed like everywhere we went the trout were bitting. They were hitting live bait the best. The gulp worked pretty good but, the live bait was doing it's thing!

Look for a drop off by a flat and anchor far enough off of it so you can cast to the edge. Work the edge of the flat and you can catch some nice fish. Large shrimp work really well if you can keep the little fish off of them. The best bait is pigfish or pinfish. Live mullet have been catching some... but it seems that the mullet does better in the afternoon. Every trip out we have caught more than our limit of trout.

There has also been a good bite of redfish in the head of the Lagoon.

So jump in your boat and go catch some fish! Good fishing to everyone.

Captain Neal Goodrich
(386) 690-0473
(386) 345-1006
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