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Spectacle Lake

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If I can get away, I'm going to hit Spectacle Lake tomorrow afternoon. I have never fished it before, so any tips are appreciated. I will probably troll one rod with gear and one with a fly. Unless there is a good reason to fish bait. If I go I'll post a report. Also going to try for some crayfish.
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The lake isn't very deep, maybe bottoming out around 20 ft. Hanging off the wedbeds on the south and north ends will probably produce with chironomids. We had good bites on the leeward side of the island as well. The fish were in the 12-14" range probably landed 12-15 fish in 4 hours.

Last time I fished there was this time of year in 2004 so things have probably changed. I was on spinning gear but the guy who owned the boat (my neighbour at the time) was on the fly...he caught the majority of the fish.
Right on. I didn't realize that it's so shallow. I really haven't fished chronnies before, but I will pick a few up.
Well I fished it few a few hours in the afternoon three days in a row. Lots of 12-14" fish, a few tiny ones, and a few break-offs too (bigger fish? aggressive hook sets?). I looked for rising fish, and check out where they were holding. If there was visible structure there, I fished and caught fish. I don't know how many I caught, but it was lots. On Saturday, with direct sunlight and more activity at the lake, fish were deeper and less aggressive. Tried micro-leaches and chronnies, both effective. But I don't really know what I'm doing with chronnies. my buddy was spinning and caught zip, but some kids were bait fishing from shore and got a few. We did find a brand new spinning rod in the middle of the lake. It had sunk, but a fish took the bait, died, and floated the tip near the surface. I've been laughing about that ever since. This is a pretty easy fisher, so take the kids. lots of action.
Ambler...good report......thanks
Did you use any other type of flies other than mentioned - m.leech; chiron's. ?

many people on the lake?

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