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While on Vancouver Island a couple of weeks ago we took a side trip to Chemainus to see the murals. After that we ended up letting the kids run around at the nearby park on the edge of Fuller Lake. Very pretty lake with nice cabins coming down to the water - boy would I like to have a friend who owns one of them. ;)

There were several guys out in tubes, two or three aluminum boats with a couple of rods each in the water, as well as two guys fishing worms from shore. After watching for about 45 minutes I didn't see anybody hooking anything. That's when I noticed the odd unexplained ripple and small rises under or near the overhanging trees at the waters edge near the end of the park boundary. Taking I hike over I was shocked to spot a pretty 18" bow cruising the area making loops into the deeper water and back into water only a couple feet deep. It looked like he was busy picking off bugs dropping from the trees - though I couldn't spot any. Boy I wish I had brought my rod with me, with a small ant pattern, so I could have tested that theory. :happy:

This was an excellent reminder to me to look before fishing. I don't know how many times I've rushed to get on the water, when maybe a little more looking first, would make a lot more sense.
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