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Hi everyone, have been a guest for a while but after a great weekend at the Vedder I just had to jump in a share the fun. This weekend was the father in laws 65th Bday. He has only fished two times in his life, a small trout in Ontario and a couple of Northern pike in Saskatchewan. At first he was a bit hesitant but when he discovered he could get a "one day licence" for cheap as a senior he decided to give it a try. We arrived at noon and when he saw all the fisherman he got excited to see everyone catching fish. I am an original prairie dog and only know one hole of for the best chance to catch fish on short notice. It was his first time in waders so he walked around for a bit amazed at the pinks running by his feet and then began to practice short floating away from the crowd. He caught one pink on third cast and then snagged a few other. I felt he was ready to join the crowd around the hole where the springs were hangin' out. We worked our way in to the line thanks to the considerate people that were already there and the action began. We both had some good hook ups. There wasn't a moment that someone didn't have a fish on then I had the hardest hit I ever experienced. I was standing close to the edge of the hole and the hit almost pulled me in. The hit was hard with a short run and then the fish just sat in the whole and didn't want to move. At one point I thought i got snagged up and then after about 10 minutes of persuasion he began to move and I was able to land the fat forty pounder. Biggest fish I ever caught by double. Father in law was not having any luck landing. A little later I had another bite but was small. I gave him the rod to reel in and a chromie comes flying out of the water and everyone in sink yells out "its a Coho". He gets all excited and trys to horse him in and its 'Coho gone". I got the deep sink in the gut you get when you loose such a beauty. Shortly after a gentlemen that was fishing was catching lots but landing none. He had a good bite and said 'If you can land it you can keep it". So he gave him the rod and shortly after his twenty pounder was on land and he was a grinnin from ear to ear. All in all a great day fishin and thanks to guys there that helped make memories...tight lines everyone.:happy: :thumbup:
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