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Be My Steelhead Valentine: Spring 2008 Introduction

Attached is a pic of a 44 inch Steelhead taken near a small tributary of the Skeena. Monster Steelhead like this one and others will be lurking the waters this April and May. Have you dreamed of this Steelhead, we’ll, avid fly angler and tyer, Kevin Kelly need not to dream any longer as he is snuggled up with this hog.

The day this Steelhead took his swung leech he chased it downstream with some excitement at the same time asking his partner to give him a hand, but to no avail, he wanted a take of his own, and what would you know he got it! Yes a double-header! Kevin fishes all his lines sub-surface with very little sink tip. And with pics like this one, I think I might as well.

Many years ago, Mr. Kelly and I lived together for a winter in Terrace. I, an avid curler spent my winter at the rink, his was on the Skeena. I often wondered what drew a person to enter frigid winter conditions in search of Steelhead, coming home at dark with nothing but a smile and no bites. Kevin did this many days I lived with him, some days were better than others, most days brought no fish to the fly.

Little did I know that this search for My Kiss was something that poured into my veins so deep. I now appreciate the wonderment of Steelheading and what Mr. Kelly made me realize, while sitting in front of the fireplace, tying flies for the next day in search of a big Skeena Steelhead.

Many years have passed since that winter and now a visitor to Skeena 2-3 times a year Mr. Kelly still fishes his favorite pools of the Skeena producing some monsters.

Skeena country will be under a microscope this year and next, all to analyze the Steelhead streams first, all for the betterment of the fishery and the quality of the angling for local and all angler interests. In a nutshell, angler crowding is snowballing and the Provincial Government will be making a positive change implementing the process by 2010. This will make a few user groups unhappy but I am sure after the dust settles it will be a process that will be the savior to our wild Steelhead Rivers.

As well all governments have gone to Electronic Licensing for Freshwater and Saltwater licenses. So we encourage all anglers to purchase their licenses before arrival.

For our repeat clients and the new fishermen for 2008 we look forward to seeing you this spring and throughout the 2008 season as it’s going to be another great year!

Tracey John Hittel
Kitimat BC Canada
250 632-9880 hm.
250 639-4277 cell.

[email protected]
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