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Squamish November 19th

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once again, too wet to work, so had to head up to the Squish for a little Chum Chum action. ok, I was hoping for a couple of ho's but didn't happen. arrived Judd road at first light, one other truck there already. struck up a conversation with the fellow, Stefan, who was wielding a two handed spey. we made our way upriver to Ortho's favourite spot. real soft banks after the recent floods, a little tricky getting to the main channel. water was good, about 3 or 4 ft vis. you know, I never get tired of Squamish Chum, great fights, aerials, and suprisingly clean fish. only hooked one that was a little ugly. used my favourite tactic, short, and I mean SHORT floated pink jigs, 22 inch leader. landed 20 nice fish in 4 hours, and missed a half dozen more. only one foul hook, that's why it's my favourite method. Stefan landed close to the same # of fish. we were the only people there the whole time. river started to rise around noon, and lost all but 6 inches of vis, so we bailed. took a quick look at the Cheak, beautiful above Cheekeye, but Cheekeye itself completely blown, taking the lower Cheakamus with it, and causing the visibility loss on the Squamish. drove over the Mamquam, high, and chocolatte. took home 2 lovely chrome does, complete with roe, which is now curing :D cooked up one of them for a little grey cup gathering, bbq'd with a lovely cucumber lemon-dill sauce. was a big hit. so much for everybody out there who thinks that you can't eat Chum. you know, I'm gonna miss these fish when they're gone :cry:
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Yup, one of my favouite spots, for sure :) ..........Almost always catch fish there. Glad you had a good day....It will continue for at least another week, as these fish along with a whole lot of coho are still arriving, along with a few steelhead to the other local rivers. :wink:
You bringin' that corked bottle to the Fishout/BBQ/Campout??..........Ortho 8)
I was up there on the 13th i now this is a bit old but i thought a few would be interested in my report

I got there a little before 7am lots of trucks there already
when i got to the water there were not many guys there
I guess most headed up the Mamquam
Water was about 3ft visability and low ish as tide was out
First cast fish on
nice chrome doe
then it was prety much lots of fish all day

There was lots moving in with the tide rise

I noticed that the guys both sides of me were not getting as many as me and the ones they got were snagged
Then after closer inspection i noticed they were fishing 3 to 4 foot water with there lead set at 6 to 8 foot with long leaders

I was fishing at 2 to 3 foot with a short leader
my short float method made me look good
I think i only snagged a few fish

it was a fun day out for me no Hos but lots of fun with the chum
and the weather was fine only a couple of showers here and there 8)

tried to take a few pics but batteries were dead :wink:
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Hey britguy...I was also up there that day...I fished the mamquam mostly, but towards late afternoon I did fish the squamish for a bit....were you wearing a blue jacket per chance...?
Has the chum action died in the squish and its tribs with all this crazy weather?? Do i still have a chance, maybe some late coho?
Yes there i still a chance for some late Coho! You'll have to do a little hunjting but they are there.

I was fishing at 2 to 3 foot with a short leader
my short float method made me look good
I think i only snagged a few fish
I like it! :lol: Great report Britguy. I certainly don't mind that it's a bit late. I was on the Squamish on Nov 10 with Chum 888 and I was using the fly rod. I "fair-hooked" plenty of nice fish, but I also foul hooked a number of fish also. I was even foul hooking old chum when just trying to pick up my line and cast! I noticed that Chum 888, using his drift rod, was pretty much only hooking fish in the mouth. I decided to put the fly rod down and try my drift rod (for the very first time on this river). I was fishing 1.5 - 2 feet with a short 8 lb leader and size 2 hook with a small piece of cerise wool. The action was pretty much non stop for the both of us, with the vast majority of fish hooked right in the mouth. I like it! :lol:
Hi Ribwart no i was all in green
F M glad you had chance to try fly and drift
I fished the fly ealier that week and my arm was sore so many chum
and chrome too
i think its allmost at an end now
like to hook up with you guys sometime
maybe the Vedd for those elusive Steelies
I am moving to Coqwuitlam soon so it will be a shorter trip for me
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