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Squamish River & Area

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Planning to fly fish the Squamish on August 23rd. Any reports or specific areas to fish. I assume on pinks are in.
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Yeah Pinks are all over that system, try sparse patterns in green and pink!
Is there a tackle shop in Squamish? If so where is it located.
Yes, though the name escapes me right now. It is on the north side of the mamquam river on Government Road, can't miss it.
It's just past(or before) the sewage treatment plant and the SPCA kennel. White building with brick arches with a white trailer parked out front. I can't remember the name either. Closed on Tuesdays(the only day I tried going there).
The shpo is called The Rivers Edge, I was wondering if anyone has herd of any changes to the regs regarding retetion. i heard that the entire system is catch and release. Is this true ?

Thnaks Tube ???
It's all C&R! No retention allowed of pinks



This is what it says on the card I have from there.

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Sorry HOT ROD, I meant all species of salmon. Had a bad day did you!
also, no targeting of springs...
Tube said:
Sorry HOT ROD, I meant all species of salmon. Had a bad day did you!
Yeah it really sucked! Sorry if I came off all high and mighty but your post really made me laugh at myself. Thanks dude!

Thanks guys. Tackle shop recommended green and the flies worked well. Caught a couple on the fly and lost a few on my 6 pound test leader. I'm going to try again tomorrow on my way to Meritt for the weekend.
Im gonne be heading out there this weekend one day... anybody else heading out?
Oh my god have a look under the gov't street bridge. It's just loaded with pinks. What a spectacle of nature! The mamquam is jamm packed with salmon right now.Even above the highway bridge. It's good to see a decent amount of returning fish after the spill in '05.I got to take my kids up to see it.

Hey, I saw U there today. You are a "hotrod". I was the guy struggling w/ the 5wt only catching a few. If I only had my drift rod... But, I'm learning something new. Yeah, the Pinks were thick below the rail bridge, too. They were in 2005 post spill, as well. I just wonder how the rest of the system is doing. They were getting harrassed a bit in that pool & fouled by some. Below the confluence I saw 2 dead chrome Pinks w/ a couple puncture holes in each near the dorsal fin, obviously the work of the two seals out there. It made me wonder if they survive being fouled in the body. Obviously the seal does more damage... Of course there are a lot of variables, but are Pinks more vulnerable when wounded than some of the other 4 Pacific salmon, or Steelhead?
Oh my god have a look under the gov't street bridge.
Shhhhssssh! :-X Now that the Fraser is closed..............well you do the math.
UUuhhm! I was just kidding about the bridge! ;)

How much time do you figure is left in the squamish for pinks this year??? has anyone been getting into any colored fish yet? how long do the chromies keep pressing through generally??
I was working up in Sqamish today and poked my head over the bridge on the Maquam. Lots of fish but all spawners. Sad to see a couple of guys casting buzz bombs into the thick of those fish which were all colored and mid spawn...guess they don't know they're doing their business, not biting.
When fishing for pinks, I dont even need to look for pools do I? The fish should just be wherever right? Obviously find the fish first, but they wont all necessarily be in pools only...?
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