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Well I headed up on Saturday with a buddy and we arrived to the upper portions of the river at around 10AM. The paved portion of the road was in perfect shape but once you hit about mile 26-27 its gets a little interesting. Quite a bit of snow around and even in a truck the track hits the guards every few meters. Anyhow we threw some flies for about 3-4 hours had three takes none landed. Water was really cold so we figured the fish were not that active yet and decided to call it a day. Walking back to the truck we came upon a back channel that was full of old chum!!! I am not talking about dead ones...don't get me wrong we are talking old boots here but I was really surprised to see some still alive this late. The dollies are probably still feeding or full of salmon. If anyone is heading up I would try some flesh patterns. I was fishing minnow patterns and big streamers all day
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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