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Although the weather is calling for possilbe snow and -6 temps, I think I may head out one more time for a little Chum action. So for now I am going to have a bite to eat and then look for my long johns prior to tying some hooks. :D
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Good luck up there. I've had some great days in late November! Hopefully you'll get into some chrome.


What a difference a week can make. Fished the Squamish today and nothing. Older Chum swimming around but not even a bite.
On the comical side, there was a very aggressive seal swimming around who took great pleasure going after all of us standing in the river.
Mid day there was not a single fisherman in the water. All were fishing from shore. This seal was like an aggressive dog. I thought it was funny until he came after me. I think I am going to call it a season!! :roll:
as I recall, aren't there quite a number of large rocks along the shore. how about testing the seal's ability to dodge projectiles???
Poor seal
maybe he was sick of chasing dark chum
and fancied some fresh fishermen :lol:

To be honest I didn't have time to pick up a rock. I am in the water above my knees minding my own business. All of a sudden this head pops up about 30 feet from me. The next thing I see is this brown torpedo coming towards me. I was out of there. I didn't need seal teeth puncturing my new Simms waders not to mention my leg.
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