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Does anyone know if the road towards mile 26 is clear or passable yet? Wanting to get up this week... any steel in the system yet?
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Well, I don't know what the road is like but there should be some fish around! In my experinces, I have always done well around the 1st of April! ;)

:cheers: Rick
Last week I made it to 28 mile with no problem but after that you need a 4x4 truck! There are fish throughout the system and as always every year the river is different than last so a lot of footwork is needed. But then that's the fun of fishing. The river is low and clear! Some warm weather should pick up the fishing and river levels! Might be a tough go with the lack of chums last year or maybe they'll all be starving and will bite anything. There were quite a few guys out on the fly too!

Is this the same road that goes past the reserve and turns to gravel about 15 mins later??
Thanks for the info... sounds like it might have cleared up a bit. Probably gonna head up this week and will post a report when i get back..
scoopy said:
Is this the same road that goes past the reserve and turns to gravel about 15 mins later??
If you take the left fork in the road after the Sun wolf bridge it goes up to the upper Squish and yes there is a gravel road and yes you go through the Cheekeye reserve. Make yourself aware of the boundries for native fishing only. Would hate to come back to a truck that has been towed. There are signs but not very big. You really have to look!

Try calling Clint @ ValleyFishing.com. He guides up there and he will be able to give you a fishing report and road conditions.

Thanks for the info. Heading out on tuesday for a few days... will post a report when i get back!
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