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Had a beautiful day on the lake this weekend.The sun was shining and the heat has really got the dragon fly and damsell fly nymphs moving.The hot weather has also got the bass active and moving into the shallows.We hit 5 rainbows and about 15 bass.The biggest bow was 24 inches and the others were 15 to 18 inchers.We didn't find any big bass though, as the largest was only 14 inches.Even the 14 inchers are fun when caught with the fly rod.We were using 5wt rods with intermediate sink.The rainbows were taken on dragon dymphs and minnow patterns and the bass were caught on dragons,leeches and large green sratleys.The bass really loved the green spratley when cast against the shore and stippe
d like a minnow pattern.The sprately resembled the dark green stickleback that are present in the lake.
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