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Made it back over to St Mary Lake on Saltspring last week for 3 days.

Fishing was slow principally because of unsettled weather conditions if it warmed up a tad the Bass turned on but once it chilled off the bite was gone and sometimes the bite only came on for 20 minutes no matter what.

Topwater action on Smallmouth is what I was after and it was poor overall except for one classic 15" that fought like a demon, released to spawn another day as the killin' season didn't start until the 15th.

Cutthroats are still around although the bite wasn't quite as fast and furious as May the Pumphouse still holds fish.

Experience from past years tells me that the Bass bite has yet to come on years past there was action fast and furious right into July and unless we see some seriously hot weather there's lots of good fishin' to come yet. :thumbup: :beerchug:
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