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Just arr'd back from a quick trip over to St Mary Lake on Saltspring Island staying @ Lakeside Gardens.

Fished Tuesday evening action was slow with a few smacks on topwater baits and little else.

Wednesday weather was overcast and cool no rain but fishing was slow only a few Smallmouth and one Cutthroat and those were tough to come by some hits here and there but it was tough overall I had to use some real sneaky techniques to produce fish.

Thursday afternoon all hell broke loose over by the Pumphouse the Cutts were cruisin' and the Bass were bashin'!

Especially Cutts I've fished that lake for almost 20 years and at most caught one Cutt per trip.This time the Cutts were cruising and feeding in schools so many of them they looked like Salmon and the biggest one was almost big enough to be a Salmon closer to 3 pounds than 4 but fat as a hog (they were all fat and most about a foot long )and strong as a Salmon.

I'm not kidding when I say schools of Cutts some of the lures I was using seemed to interest then but they wouldn't strike and yet no word of a lie I once saw at least 10 Cutts following a lure a whole school.

Which brings me to another point the lake was clearer than I've ever seen it maybe all that hard weather over the winter had something to do with so many Cutts but a pair of polaroid sunglasses showed me all kinds of structure I'd never seen before.

The clarity is a double edged sword though because it means the weeds are growing faster than ever and of course fish can see you too Bass in particular were quite spooky got some hits on topwater baits but nothing like years past.

Anyway I was throwing everything I owned at them and finally lucked on what they couldn't turn down-small Spinners/Spinnerbaits with a Copper blade.

As per the picture Black worked too but it was Copper both Cutts and Bass would smack the hardest funny I've carried those lures for years are rarely used them.

Between 3 and 6 in the afternoon I couldn't keep 'em off one hit after another all kinds of fun and gorgeous weather to boot.

So I lost the biggest Cutt I ever saw and the second biggest Bass I ever caught there but since I never kill anything from that lake it doesn't really matter it was a fun trip and that's what counts. :cheers:

Below see the Spinners/Spinnerbait that did the damage small but deadly.

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Nice looking lake. I've been looking forward to fishing that lake for awhile. :yummy: How much do the cabins cost to rent? I can't wait to hammer the bass on that lake. Monster smallies in there. :thumbup:

Tight Lines, Nates
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