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anyone got any stamp reports :D
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Same as before!..........No fish! :'(

how freakin sad is that :'(
seals................. :'(
They do a lot of damage.... going the way of the Puntlage i think.

Turn off the lights please...you know who you are
Yes please? Turn them off!

Cant find a pic for ya HR, pardon the pun but to shed some light on what I am talking about. Mind you would not explain the whole problem for this system this year.... but seals(and a sea lion) have been fortunate enough to enjoy a buffet of steel this year under the stealth blanket of darkness :'(
I know exactly what you are talking about FA! Wow a sea lion too now. There must have been a lot of fish coming to draw such a crowd from the ocean!

Fishaholic and HR: Can you explain "turn the lights out:"?
What are you talking about?
I'm new to the Island and hoping to do some steelheading at Stamp.....but "turn lights out"?
please shed some light....
a certain new building on the banks of the river, lit up like Christmas, all night, every night.
I guess the seals consider it mood lighting for dinner :wallbash:
11th Warrior said:
I guess the seals consider it mood lighting for dinner :wallbash:
And they must enjoy the atmosphere cause they keep coming back :-[
Especially with the hatchery returns supposed to be the year of the first returning runs since the switch. Backfired a little! :p

Hatch or not they arent getting close to even sub par average numbers this year.... not done hopin yet though :confused:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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