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stave anyone?

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anyone fishing the stave just curious to see whats going on over that way?
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My river spies over that way tell me things are a bit quiet. Was going to fish there Sat am last week but could not get there first hand, but I am told there are a few cutty's around but they are hard to find.. A little warmer weather and things will improve.....Ortho
thanx ortho.......
Been taking the pontoon in there a bit and doing fairly well on the cutties.
a friend of mine fished the stave today and from what he said the cutthroat trout are there in good numbers he was using minnow patterns and the majority of the fish cought were wild! he said ppl were fishing the toilet bowl with spinners and worms under a bobber and they were catching a few fish as well!!!!!
Fished it on monday and didn't see a thing, used flies and gear, nice day to be out though :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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