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Stave Lake Roads

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Has anybody driven up the roads on the east side of Stave Lake recently? I have not been there lately but the last time I was there the road was getting rough.
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Last time up there about 4 weeks ago there was a late model 4-runner stuck in the middle of the road in the snow.
Depends how far up you go, the first few kms are doable in a car, I think they grade the road on a regular basis, so if you hit it right it should be fine. Snow level dropped recently though. Don't try to go to high up. :?
There is an old saying:
If you get stuck in a two wheel drive vehicle, you are stuck.
If you get stuck in a four wheel drive vehicle, you are really stuck!
Nasty stuff snow.
I once saw a grader (complete with chains on its wheels) sliding diagonally down a road on a snowy hill. Must have been alarming for the driver :shock: .
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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