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Anyone ever fish the silver tip for steel :?: :eek:
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If we're on the same page here, I have fished it a few times, but not in the last few years....I was still pretty green when I fished that flow....
Where if you don't mind me asking is the silver tip located?
If flychucker is refering to where I think he's referring to, this little piece of water is out in the direction of the interior, but I will reserve comment for now untill he has had a chance to reply.... :)
fair enough!
sorry guys ,I was only asking to get some info ,heard some stories from an old timer who can't fish anymore , it is in that direction ,and thats what the locals call it (not the books). I figure that there is somebody that has heard about it and fished it also, that could talk about it,
i don't usually post because most topics turn to crap and
No need to be sorry there flychucker, I just hadn't heard it called by that name... :) I have fished there before, it is a summer run steelie fishery, great water for flyfishing for them....there is also a belly boat opportunity for them up at the lake... I didn't see a soul up there the few days I fished it, but there is some pressure according to DFO....returns seem pretty good, somewhere between 100-400 fish, but not a river that produces a huge amount of fish, although dfo has managed it fairly well over the years...there were some flood problems a few years back, and some stability work was done, but I haven't been up there lately to see how much it has changed. There are quite a few different regulations, and sections of the river that are closed, or flyfishing only, etc. so you have to know exactly where you are and what your doing when you're up there, fer sure.... :)
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