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Steelhead Poacher Busted!

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Some justice we could probably do with here, maybe undercover fisheries officer's are the way to go?

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$694 fine for 6 fish??

Should have been in the $10 000 range. Make it hurt, otherwise it's pointless.
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american fisheries laws i'm sure are a bit different than here in cananda! the fines are a little off.

11th Warrior said:
$694 fine for 6 fish??

Should have been in the $10 000 range. Make it hurt, otherwise it's pointless.
Exactly - then they would think twice about it!
Sounds like this guy got away with murder. 700(equipment, gas, etc) bills is what I spend a yr chasin them and if I am lucky I'll get one.
It makes me sad that I was out 4 or 5 times in my first year fishing for winter steelhead and would not even consider keeping my first fish, wild or not.

This guy takes 6 illegally and gets caught bragging about it???
Not to bring up and old topic, but I just had too.

Notice where these fish come from. Notice that they were called STEELHEAD. hmmmmmmmm! :peace:
He should be banned from fishing for 10 years >:D
This was a guy who poached "steelhead" in Ohio. The runs there are huge compared to here. There is no comparison between the 2 fisheries. It has more comparable to someone bagging 6 over their limit of rainbows in Tunkwa or pinks in the Harrison. Not going to be a big uproar there. I agree it should be a bigger fine. The thing that bothers me more, is that there used to be a sense of shame and embarrassment when one got nailed breaking the law. Now the only thing that seems to matter is the size of the punishment. Conscience and the ensuing sense fo ethical behaviour is a thing most people have lost. Ethical behaviour is not something that is legislated, it is something that is learned and is transfered from one situation to another. Ethical behaviour is an extention of one's commitment to a civil society, where you behave in a manner that lessens your impact on all those around you and have the right to expect the same behaviour in return. It grows from the understanding that we are members of the same society and co-dependant for our well-being and continued standard of living.
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But it's all about me, me, me, me & me. I don't care who or what I have to screw over to get the advantage, I'm going to do whatever it takes to come out ahead.

I'd screw over my own mother to be better than someone else; ethics be-dammed :thumbup:

*note sarcasim in the response!
Whoa there 11th warrior. Please watch the language. This is a family forum. ** doesn't really hide anything.


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