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Here are some of my favs (let's see if I can get these pics to work!) None of these are my patterns, but I sure love em! Pardon the pics and the tying. I am an amateur at both.

Black Superfloss Chironomid

Green Superfloss Chironomid


Dark Chromie


Red Green Chironomid

Chan's Red butt


Marabou Bloodworm

Red butt Spratley

Thin Spratley

Sparkle Leech w/red flash

Sparkle Leech w/silver flash


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Good idea 'Finder. Here a few of the flies I have lots of confidence in:

Damsels in a number of colours can be deadly, especially early in the season.

The Knouff Lake special has produced a lot of nice fish for me over the years. One of the best all round sedge nymph patterns.

Dragon nymphs are another staple in most lakes

My favorite leech pattern. I also fish it in black, brown and olive in that order.

Of course, chironomids. This crystal chironomid is my personal favorite and is my go to chronie pattern.

OK folks, let's see some more.

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you guys keep putting up suce nice looking flies and someone like me is going to make an order for some LOL

im not kidding either ;) ;) ;)


nice flies guys

i dont tie yet so i still buy mine LOL :-\

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Some nice looking flies there guys. I'll post some pics of my flies next week, right now I'm too busy tying for the week-end to stop and take pics. ;D

P.S. It's bomber season ;)

Tight Lines, or should I say, Tight Loops. LOL :happy:


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Ok, it might be slightly off topic as i have no flies of my own to post....yet...

Any recommendations on decent books that I could get my hands on to tie local patterns...? Ie: some book on Kamloops patterns with detailed step by step instructions and lists of materials...I am going to start tying again soon, need to redo my homework...

Thanks in Advance,

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