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Was out yesterday and today with a buddy on Stoney lake at douglas lake ranch. if you stay before may 1st they have a killer deal on. We didnt land any last night, just had a couple of hits in three hours. But today after breakfast untill the end of the day we had 13 to the boat with just as many lost. Since the lake sits higher up the water temp was still only 43 degrees. In fact it snowed on us yesterday, and for the first two hours on the lake this morning we were dealing with the eyes on our rods freezing up. We found the fishing pretty good for being so early in the season. If anyone is planning on going, we were in 30-40+ feet of water, about 20 feet down with a weighted big green sparkly wooly bugger, and also a larger green dragonfly nymph.
cheers, Tuber.
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