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Hello all,

I apologize for the "jumping right in" being a new member the forum, But I feel the following requires the immediate attention of ALL members.

BC politicians have engaged in astounding efforts to covertly slide through a piece of legislation which would unquestionably disadvantage not only every member of the hunting, fishing, prospecting & recreationalist communities, But potentially all residents of BC and many visitors to our fair province. The political agenda with this Bill is to deregulate, reclassify and privatize all of BC’s back-roads, removing public ownership and the right to free use. All this was about to be accomplished without consulting affected industries and without seeking the approval of a majority of the population.

Bill 30 deals with the privatization of publicly owned roads (roadways which for the most part were built and paid for by every taxpayer of this province). This Bill intends to create a whole new and unaccountable level of bureaucracy called the ‘Resource Road Authority’ that will have the power to determine who should manage roads, who will be allowed to use roads, when roads need to be completely closed to all access, and what the user fees will be. All of this with no right of appeal to either government or through the courts.

The long-term effects of Bill 30 will be devastating to any area of the province whose economy is dependant in any way on the development of outlying resources and backcountry recreation.

If Bill 30 becomes law, the new Road Authority will have the right, if they can find no industrial user to foot the bill for upkeep and maintenance costs, to shut roads down with total deactivation that will essentially make the areas impassable for all types of vehicle access. This will include removal of culverts and bridges, cross-trenching roadways, and erecting gates on any roadway they choose, blocking free passage and closing vast areas of the province.

Talk to everyone you know who uses the back-country for any kind of industry or recreation. Talk to your local town council, regional district and chamber of commerce. Talk to anyone who stands to lose revenue over the loss of these rights. Petition your friends, co-workers, neighbors and relatives. Muster their voices. If Bill 30 is permitted to pass its third reading, every single individual within this province, or visiting it, stands to lose.

Please take the time, sign the petition Stop privatization of our back-country roads

Kind Regards,
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