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DAve, I don't profess to know anything about the proposed bill, but maybe this is exactly what is needed in BC to "protect" our wilderness areas from all the damage being done by careless campers,weekends, and other users of these roads. I would like to see a permit system in place so responsible groups could use the old logging roads and have access but block these same roads from the devistation and ridiculous behavior that we all witness when having to share these same areas with the weekend warriors.
A user fee for areas in demand would go a long way to have "wardens" keep a close eye on the users to be sure they are not spoiling the weekends for others, polluting the rivers and streams by dumping stolen cars,and generally causing all the mayhem that I have personally witnessed over the years.
Areas like Harrison Lake for example are overrun in the summer, and with limited services in the area, it looks like a huge garbage dump after Labour Day. Decisions NOT to re-open roads like the one to theIndian River at the north end of BUrrard Inlet was a good one in my estimation....It is a very narrow, dangerous road, and public safety, should remain closed.
The many roads that access the interior lakes often go thru private property and many complaints have been recieved from the locals in these areas and rightly so.....Many forest fires are started by careless campers, and no one is ever caught or questioned on these matters...Maybe we should look at the entire Bill and see if they are addressing this problem......If they want to arbitrarily run a bill thru without debate, there has to be some substance to it and a reason somewhere along the way........Ortho 8)
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