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Strurgeon tournement for Charity

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The tournement was pretty good couldn't have had a better weather for it. The fishing was quite slow,due to the water conditions. Of the 12 boats 4 didn't record a fish. Most had one or two small fish. Our boat we had a couple good misses a great hook up and spit out, and one great fish. I took the over all with a 81" fish. I was totally impressed at the girth on the pig, she must have been eating good the last little while. The bad luck I've been having the last couple weeks with all the equipment breaking down and repairs like crazy, this was definately a nice change. there was a young fellow there, I think he was around the 10 to 12 year old range he got a 4 1/2 ft.fish and I think they could have measured it with his smile.
I'll post the pictutres when I get my camera back from my buddy.
Crazy D 8) 8)
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Thanks for the report Crazy Drifter. Yes the weather was gorgeous ...... I got off work at 12:00 and was on the river fishing about 12:30. I even took my boat and gear to work so I could leave right from there. <lol>

Congrats on the 81" Sturgeon ...... and the largest overall in the Derby. Although one monster came up right beside my boat (about 7 feet away) we only caught smaller ones. Don't know how long it actually was ..... but when it came up and showed it's head I was attending to a bite on my rod. Scared me so bad I fell back onto the engine cover. Stuttered to my buddy ... "Did you see that?" ..... and then took a deep breath. I've caught some big ones but it was definately the biggest I've seen for awhile. Closest I've ever been to a real live big dinosaur.

I'm glad the tourney was at least an "OK" event. Hope to maybe take it in next year. Would be great to see some of your pics.

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