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STS Guiding 2012 Spring Seminar Announcement

Each spring STS Guiding Service offers fishing and jet boat seminars for those anglers/boaters wanting to learn more about the sport they love. With over 30 years of Fraser River experience Vic and his team of guides can speed up the learning curve for Novice anglers and boaters and help the more experienced rivermen improve their knowledge base. Below you will find our 2012 seminar dates, please call or e-mail us to book your seat.


This seminar will mainly focus on navigation between Mission and Yale with some focus on shallow water jet boating and running canyon rapids. This is a one-day clinic with an optional second day Jet Boating in your own boat.

You can read more about this seminar at http://www.guidebc.com/seminar_jetboat.asp

There are 2 dates available on a first come first serve basis. Maximum 12 people per day.
1-day seminar - Mission to Hells Gate - Saturday April 07, 2012
1-day seminar - Mission to Hells Gate - Sunday April 08, 2012

Total cost is $195.00 per person plus tax.


This seminar is custom designed for the novice to advanced angler. You will learn how easy it really is to catch sturgeon on the Fraser River. Our guides fish over 200 days a year on the Fraser and are considered some of the best rods on the water.
You will Learn all about:
  • Reading the bite & setting hooks
  • Rods, reels and advanced riggings
  • Fish feeding habits, bait selection
  • Proper handling of large fish
  • Sturgeon migration and movement
  • Safe anchoring techniques & hot spots
Day includes 6 hours of instruction and fishing
1-day seminar - Saturday April 21, 2012
1-day seminar - Sunday April 22, 2012

The cost of the seminar is $175.00 per person

You can read more about this seminar at http://www.guidebc.com/seminar_sturgeon.asp


STS Guiding is once again offering our fantastic River Fishing & Steelheading Seminars again this January. These seminars are for both novice and experienced anglers. Vic is a government licensed guide with over 30 years experience of freshwater trout, salmon, and steelhead fishing and offers instruction on fly-fishing and drift fishing for salmon and steelhead. This informative seminar runs for 3 days. The first 2 days involves 2 hours of classroom time each day the 3rd day is spend on the river fishing for steelhead.

This informative seminar runs for 3 days and is available on several booking dates. The first 2 days involves 2 hours of classroom time each day, and covers the following:
  • wool-ties
  • worm-ties
  • corkies
  • bait knobs
  • sandshrimp
  • float fishing set-ups
  • rods & reels
  • pro's & con's
  • rod action
  • reel uses
Day 3 involves 6 hours of instruction on the Vedder River where you will learn:
  • how to read water
  • how to fish - pools, riffles, runs, tailouts & when to fish them
The majority of the time spent on the river session is dedicated to Steelheading, but you will also learn the most successful methods for Coho, Springs & Steelhead.
Dates: only 1 class is available this winter,
January 9,11,14 ( Jan 14 is day on the river, Jan 9 & 11 is 2 hours each evening in class room in Mission or Abbotsford.)
The cost of the seminar is $175.00 per person and pre-registration is required as this seminar has sold out quickly when offered.
You can read more about this seminar at http://www.guidebc.com/seminar_floatsteelhead.asp
STS Guiding Service has been teaching fly casting for 12 years now. We offer a unique style of teaching that has come together from a variety of instructing styles. Not only do we teach you how to cast but we show you how to teach yourself. The mechanics of casting must be understood in order to cast a line consistently and improve your distance and loops once the class is over and your on your own. The two key elements of casting are loop control, line speed. If you understand both you are well on your way to casting a fly line with style and confidence. Distance comes quickly once you know how to create line speed. Loop control is simple once you understand the mechanics of the rod, line and angler.
This seminar is custom designed for the novice to intermediate, first time fly fishers welcome. Two 2hr fly casting lessons held on dry land, you will learn how easy Fly casting really is.
Basic fly casting plus:
  • loop control
  • shooting line
  • single haul
  • double haul
Your 6hr guided trip will include:
  • 2hrs of instruction & 4hrs of flyfishing for cutthroat trout where you will learn:
    • line mending
    • hot spots
    • fly presentation
    • techniques for cutthroat
    • fly patterns coho, sockeye, pink salmon & steelhead
    • reading water
Classes will be held on Saturdays & Sundays. At this time all casting lessons will be held in Abbotsfords' Bakerview Elementary School, fishout on the Harrison River. Once we have everyone signed up we will then decide on other locations based on participants location.
Dates : Only 1 class available, May 6,13,& 20 ( May 20 is 6 hours of guided fishing) May 6 & 13 is 2 hours fly casting in park.
Cost of the seminar is $175.00 per person and pre-registration is required as this seminar has sold out quickly when offered.
You can read more about this seminar at http://www.guidebc.com/seminar_flycast.asp
If you have any questions about our seminars or would like to sign up, please call or e-mail us.
We offer all seminars in Gift Certificates for Christmas, and or Birthdays .
Vic Carrao
STS Guiding Service
[email protected]
Local 1-604-671-3474
Toll free- 1-855-223-5453
Looking for an exciting Jet Boat Trip @ http://www.hellsgatejetboattours.com
Check out our Saltwater Fishing Site @ http://www.fishingvancouver.com
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