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well well well, so, as i have been saying for a while the boat was always going to be ready this next weekend ( for months) and finally its done 8). i got the boat for cheap beacuse there was a problem that nobody could figure out, the guy i bought it off spent thousands replacing parts never fixing the problem. finally he got pi$%^d off and went to a fifth wheel. the boat always ran great except above 2500 rpm it would shut down. i said i'd give it a go and off i went, i changed fuel pumps, distributors, coils, crossover block intake gaskets, all the filters and fuel lines (might as well, had all the stuff here) but it still had the problem. i opened the tank and blew back into the tank nothing came out of the pickup nor was there anything in the tank that would have been going up the pickup (by this time i have realized that its a fuel problem) so as a last ditch effort (the only thing i hadnt checked yet) i pulled the pickup out of the tank. i ripped the rotten mesh screen out of it and gave it a blow, it felt restricted, i gave a harder blow, at about 100 mph out flies this ground wasp that had gone up the vent, died in the tank and got wedged in the 90 at the top of the pickup, that stupid wasp was colapsing my fuel lines and has been in there for years.
got out for a bit saturday hit 3 landed one bout 20lb

owning a boat - thousands
seeing the look on the previous owners face when you tell all that $$ he sunk into it and never had it run right was because of a stupid bug - priceless (hard to explain that shade of red) :lol:

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Had the same sort of thing happen on my buddy's boat in Austraila. Just a dribble of water was coming out from the cooling exit thing - technical terms of course. We went on a hunt around this remote Is, for a machanic. Found one and he had no idea why it was not working. Frustrated we give up and go fishing from the shore. There's an old guy fishing to, we tell him the problem. He replied, "I think I can fix it mate." We walk back to the boat, he take the engine cover off goes straight for the tube the water come out. Takes it off shove a wire through it and out comes mud and wasp larve. "Got check that everything you let the boat sit for awhile."
Have fun, Jason
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