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Sturgeon Fishing form a kayak!!

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Now that is funny!! Who's up for the challange? :happy:

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Well I'll be targeting Harrison River Sturgeon in my 10 foot pontoon....challenging enough?

Mike <")))))><
Sweet little vid, good soundtrack too...we should make some BCFR vids like that...

What about these snares they were using, has anyone used those before? What are the noose's made with...? I don't own a kayak, unfortunately, but I couldn't see myself fishing for them from one, as I wouldn't want to use snares and tailing them by hand from a kayak would likely be impossible...but nevertheless, cool vid, looked like fun times...!
the snares look the ones we used to used on Halibut, they were plastic coated cable
Hmmmm....66inches exactly the same size as the one we landed....cool vid....Marko
Looks like fun with the exception of the hard snares,esspecially around the head and gill area.
With my luck I'd be in the water after the first bite... :confused:
I'm sure they had a lot of fun..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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