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There is a lot of info on fishing sturgeon on this site and quite a few members fish for them a lot. This is not the "best" time of the year, but they can be found. If you want to up your success a bit try the following:

Use enough weight to secure the presentation on the bottom so it doesn't "bounce" or move.Use 60-8- lb.dacron leaders 18-24" (NOT monofilament)
Do not allow your bait to "spin" Remember the current at the bottom in a hole is much slower than the surface speed.
Use 6/0 to 9/0 barbless hooks and make sure they are sharp
Take a variety of baits with you
You can use 4 or 5 dew worms tied on with spider line or a "shrimp sandwich"
(crushed fresh shrimp meat) in a golf ball sized chunk in a nylon bag, or try eel, fresh squid, herring or anchovies or guts from practically any fish. Either fish them plain with spideer line or in a roe sac or equivalent.
If you have a depthfinder on your boat, this will help find the "holes" and slots.
Use a GPS if you have one to mark both your good and bad spots.
Go where the guide boats go
Don't get "triggerhappy" If you have some action on the rod, try not to bump the rod, as vibrations can move a fish away. Be sure the fish is moving with the bait then set hard and FAST.
Use some of the smelly jelly's and artificial scents along with the worms/etc.
Spend 1/2 hr. max at each spot, then move.

Have fun out there.....Ortho 8)
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