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My brother came down from Vernon this weekend for a visit, so I decided we'd head out for some sturgeon.

We launched at Fort Langley at about 8am and headed up river a bit. After fishing one spot for a couple of hours with no luck, we moved up river a bit more.

If nothing else, it was an awesome day to be on the water.

About noon, I see a little tickle on the rod tip, so I picked it up out of the holder, gave a big tug and thankfully, something tugged back - and hard! FISH ON.

It took about 15 minutes or so to get him to the surface and then into the boat. My brother had never seen a sturgeon close up, so we took a few shots and released him back in. We figure he was about 5', give or take.

Over the next hour and a half, we hooked up another two, but lost them both within a couple of minutes.

Good time had by all, but sadly, no spectacular leaps out of the water to punctuate a great day.


Ah, the excitement of a sturgeon-bent rod

Our first glimpse of the dino

My brother

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