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I want to get into some sturgeon fishing this summer and i'm wondering if its better to go with a casting set up for shore fishing or a spinning set up. Help me decide. I'm thinking of going with a 12 foot ugly stick which comes in both casting and spinning types.

I'm not a big sturgeon fisherman (yet), so i'm not looking to spend a ton of money to start.

Spinning Pros:
- cheap reels
- spinning reels generally always cast quite far
- no backlash risks
- reversible handles are a huge plus for LEFT handed fishermen like me.

Spinning Cons:
- Casting heavy weights can be hard on your index finger
- Big spinning reels are heavy

Casting Pros:
- lighter reels
- generally better/bigger drag
- less painful to cast

Casting cons:
- not much choice for lefties, so would likely have to go with a right-handed reel.
- generally can't cast as far with the big reels (could be incorrect?)
- Choice - making this a con since the Penn 330/320 reels have been discontinued and choosing a reel that is cheap but casts well is turning out to be difficult.

Thanks!! :)

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It's a personal choice really. If you decide to go with a spinning reel just be sure to get one with a strong, durable drag and large enough line capacity. The weight of the reel will not be a huge factor as its a cast and wait type of fishery. 5-10 extra ounces every 15 minutes is not a big deal. You don't want to choose something that is uncomfortable though. It has to feel good in the hand to fight a fish. Set it up in the store and get the sales guy to pull down on the setup to get the actual feel for it.

Once again for any reel, drag and line capacity are a must.

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I've got limited experience fishing for sturgeon, and none in BC unfortunately, but I do target them often here in AB and like yourself, I wanted to limit my spending at the start of things. I opted for a 9' heavy Shimano FX rod for $30, paired with a Shimano Socorro 8000, found on sale with a special deal to get it spooled with 50lb PowerPro braid for $90. It's done the trick so far for me but I recognize BC sturgeon is not the same species and can be much, much bigger. Just thought I'd share a good spinning option though.

For casting, maybe you can take a look at Abu Garcia Ambassadeur round reels. I think the C3's are pretty good value and I'm quite certain they come in left and right hand retrieve.

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I think a proper spinning reel should be alright. Im much smaller and younger but have no problem casting 16-18 ounce weights. I wear small gloves if i`m really trying to get it out there. No backlashes or tangles with a spinning reel too. I think if you ask me a spinning reel is more practical for shore fishing.
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