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Sturgeon Today

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so i was bottom bouncing for trout today and all of a sudden my rod almost flew out of the rocks that were holding it luckily i grabbed it and all of a sudden the line was peeling off my rod so i started reeling a bit let it go slack and a monster sturgeon came straight out of the water and back down snapping my line i was able to fumble the camera on while holding the rod but all i got was the splash first time thats ever happened to me especially since i wasnt near the dams

and the only fish of the day a nice little rainbow haha
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that must have been one heck of a surprise, nice looking trout.
I hooked a sturgeon one year bottom bouncing for sockeye on the Fraser. It did exactly what yours did, came right out of the water and it was huge, 5 mins later it broke my line. I'm assuming I had it snagged but it was still a thrill :happy:
Great post CR! Where were you? That photo looks familiar (I grew up in Fruitvale). That sturgie also looks huge!! Too bad they have not recovered enough for a cath and release opening.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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