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July 26 - Areas 11 to 29

The Fraser River Panel met to review stock monitoring and other biological data
associated with the Fraser River sockeye salmon runs. The migration of sockeye
through Juan de Fuca Strait has remained at low levels in recent days as
indicated by catches in the Area 20 gillnet test fishery and the gillnet test
fishery on the southern side of Juan de Fuca Strait. Similarly, catches of
sockeye in the Area 12 gillnet test fishery have been low, indicating low
migratory abundance of sockeye through Johnstone Strait.

Estimates of sockeye passage past the Mission hydroacoustic site have also been
low over the past week averaging about 4,100/day. 5% Early Stuart, 47% Early
Summer-run, 39% Summer-run and 9% Late-run sockeye. Early Summer-run sockeye
abundance through the marine approach areas continues to track below
expectations, unless their marine timing is 10 days later than forecast. An
in-season update of their run size will not be available until about early
August, although in-season assessments of how the run is tracking relative to
the forecast will be provided. An update of Summer-run sockeye run size will
likely not be available until after the first week of August.

Fraser River discharge at Hope is currently about 3,100 cms and is forecast to
continue to decrease to 3,000 cms by August 2. Water temperature (at Qualark
Creek) on July 24 was 20.0 deg C and is forecasted to increase to about 20.8
deg C by today, setting new records until July 27, before cooler weather in the
watershed causes water temperatures to drop. We are near the time when
temperatures peaked in 1998, but still 2-3 weeks before the peak temperatures
in 2004. Prolonged exposure of migrating sockeye to water temperatures in this
range can lead to severe stress and can result in death prior to spawning.
Environmental conditions for migrating sockeye in the Fraser watershed will be
monitored closely over the coming weeks.

First Nation fisheries for food, social and ceremonial targeting sockeye began
in the marine waters last week on July 20 and openings are scheduled for the
lower Fraser River this week and parts of the upper Fraser River above Sawmill
Creek as well. Commercial fisheries directed at Fraser River sockeye remain
closed. Recreational fisheries permitting the retention of sockeye commenced
Saturday July 22 at 0001 hours in marine waters (with the exception of Area

The next scheduled update will be p.m. Friday, July 27 following the next
Fraser River Panel meeting.

Paul Ryall, (604)666-0115

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Variation Order No. 2006-282 - July 26, 2006
Sockeye retention is currently not permitted in the non-tidal portion of the
Fraser River from the CPR Bridge at Mission, BC upstream to Alexandra Bridge.

The next update regarding the status of the recreational sockeye retention
fishery will be following the Fraser River Panel meeting which occurs on
Tuesday, August 1.
Nothing going to happen till at least Tuesday .......... bar fishing I will go ....


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Gonna try bar fishing for the first time. I think I know what I'm doing. We'll see after the weekend. Better make sure I have enough beach to work with out there.

Also, it should be kinda quiet if the sockeye crowd isn't there getting in the way. You know, the ones who fish for only the length of time the sockeye is open.

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B-Daddy....there is a fast shute directly accross from the Laidlaw bar which I am sure would produce fish....most of the BB'in casts are directed towards the south side of that shute....There is also a really nice large pool at the bottom of the bar that looks like it would be good....BigJoe and I were going to try it out yesterday with the bar rods, but it would be quite a treck in his 12' boat up that far....I think the nearest boat launch is under the Sumas bridge...It might be slow for a few days yet as a result of all the nets down river by Island 22....Good luck...
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