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Sunny Skagit Sunday

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Today, Wendy and I decided it was time to hit the Skagit again. The best thing about the start of coho season is that everyone heads out to fish in their neighbour's shadow on the Vedder, and no-one is on the other jewels in the lower mainland. We didn't rush to get there, arriving at 10:30 (I love the Skagit rainbows and their "brunch" attitude to feeding). We only travelled about 1/2 a kilometre on the river, but managed 6 beautiful rainbows, all in the 14"-15" range (I actually measured them) . They were hitting small (#20} PMDs , but I was able to get them to come up for a #16 parachute Adams. Tried lots of other offerings, but no love on anything else. Nymphs didn't produce either. I know they aren't monster fish, but on a 6' 6" 2 wt they can still run you into your backing.

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nice report Prof. gorgeous area. hoping to do one more trip before October. sure is nice to have such good weather for fishing in such peace out there ;D
yeah I was up there too today...probably my last go for the season before school takes over my life. nymphing worked for me.

water's lower, it's a whole new beast. saw some monsters holding in the depths but couldn't get down to them (i hate the reel that has my full sink on it so couldn't bring myself to put it on). seemed like lots of guys on the water...perhaps that's contributing to how slow it is. poor little CNR fish getting beat up over and over again! probably starting to hesitate before they eat ANYTHING now as it could be ANOTHER HOOK
Beautiful fish and the water looks really nice and clear!!! - were going to have to go up there some time! Always nice to go where its peaceful! :beerchug:
Nice looking day in the rainshadow Proff.... :D Ya I feel for those poor little guys that get stuck over
and over again. I wonder what effect this does have on their feeding habits?

:beerchug: Marko
Nice action shot of the water there too Prof... :thumbup:
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