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Hi all, just wanted to share my fishing story from this morning. Headed out to Gower Pt @ 10:30 a couple hours before low slack with my 9 year old son. Thanks to DoubleSteve I put the gear down shallower than usual (33 and 43 ft) and put the nose of my 14 foot Springbok into that bumpy norwester. With the high winds and waves we started our troll going faster than I would have liked (3-3.2 mph) but just as we hit the 60 ft mark on the sounder my sons reel started screaming and the line exploded off the clip. I thought at first we had hit bottom but that fish started head shaking and then made a crazy run on the surface and I knew we were going to be challanged to land him. While this is going on my inexperienced co pilot is trying to keep the boat straight into the wind while trying to put the handle together on my net. Meanwhile I'm trying to get a handle on the fish and get the gear up as were getting tossed around in a snotty sea. All I could think is how the hell is my 9 year old going to land his first fish with all this going on!!! Well everything came together and after a couple of attempts he put that net onto the fish like a seasoned pro! High fives and fish is on the floor of boat. Well we considered ourselves lucky and were back at Gibsons Marina before 11:15, nice quick in and out! The fish was a nice 20+ pound male wild red spring filled to the gills with 3" needlefish and just a beautiful example of a WILD fish. He was caught on a 4.0 CopCar Coyote with PurpleHaze Flasher. A great experience for father and son.
And thanks again to Doublesteve for his reports and saving me the headache of trailering my boat to Buccaneer Marina up the coast.
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