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Sunshine Coast. Camping & Fishing

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Hey all,

Im headed up to the sunshine coast this weekend (very short notice) - im planning on improvising from Langdale on. Im gonna take my small boat onto the big boat and would like to

A) Fish
B) Fish
C) Fish

oh and

D) Camp

Ive got a small 14.5 foot envenrude fiberglass. 55hp motor. Sturdy boat but would like to know:

1) Where can I camp?
2) Which inlet is a good bet to fish?

Any info, even the most Teeny piece of info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys

tight lines
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I wish I could help you Ashton....I am heading up that way but staying on the boat and at a friends' cabin on Nelson Island.

Try going to http://www.sportfishingbc.com/forum/

I think there are a few guys on there who live up on the Sunshine Coast. May be a bit late to get much info, but you never know.

If you search throug the forums in the salt section I know there was a link somewhere to fishing reports on the Sunshine Coast.....I would search but I am just heading off to the boat in a few minutes. Have a good weekend out there!!

Okay...I did one quick "search" and did find this posted in the forums.


Looks like off Pender Harbour is the place to be, but having said that it doesn't hurt to try anywhere else. I "think" ling's are open up there too.

The other link was to a charter that posted up reports. Read through the "sunshine coast" search threads and I am sure you will find it.
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For future info, Porpise Bay can be good fishing for Coho and Pink and there is a camp site where you can fish from the shore. But I don't think the fishing there heat up until August.
There is a fishing reports site I can't remember the name of but if you google sunshine coast salmon fishing reports, or secret cove?
Hope I helped, Jason
Thanks guys. Much appreciated.
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