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Sunshine Coast Salmon Report

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Hey all-

Went out last night and took a nice little 8lber from Gower Point... Fishing on the mud flats towards Chaster Creek. In 50' of water, right on the bottom. Cop car and blue flasher. When I cleaned the fish, it was jammed full of shiners! This is the second one I have caught lately that has been full of em. Also, jigging around Salmon Rock has been decent lately on the flood tides... 18lber, two 14's, and a 10 have come from there in the past week. I have heard rumors that the coho are starting to make their way back as well, beach guys are starting to nail em! Hopefully it will cap off the summer nicely. Check in later-
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one more thing.... "NO SQUAGLERS" - JUST TO LET YOU KNOW, THE BUKKAKA WAS PERFORMED BEFORE THE OUTING LAST NIGHT. [email protected]*t Show was in attendance..........
Talk to you soon.
It appears as though the springs that are coming in for the Fraser run are sitting on the mud flats out front of Gibsons as well... We tried some light tackle gear for coho near chaster creek last night, and all we got were little shakers. Got tired of waiting for a decent fish and put the riggers down. Trolling back in at sunset we hooked into a feisty 18lber in 70 feet of water, 35 feet down on the wire. Silver and blue coyote with green flasher. Lots of people out on the beaches again, but not hearing of any coho yet. Will probabley be out again this week and will keep everyone posted.

PIPPEN- I am dying to see the pic of that monster you talked about... get on that man!!

doublesteve said:
PIPPEN- I am dying to see the pic of that monster you talked about... get on that man!!
I saw one pic....not digital but he just has the print. I don't know why the guide wouldn't make him take a better shot...it is just in the bottom of the boat; still in the net and the only real reference for size is the toe of his boot.

I have reemed him out and he promised to get some hopefully "better pics" off his father in law's camera.

He is driving me nuts as he just doesn't seem to realize what he caught.....just to emphasize my point I bought him a beer to say congrats.....then before he could take a sip I told the waitress to take it and pour it down the sink.
Well... keep going out ot the same spot, and catching more fish. We had 6 last night. 3 undersize, 2 at 10lbs, and one that looked even bigger, but shook the hook. All were taken from 35-45 feet down on the wire, in about 50 feet of water. Again, the blue and silve, and cop car coyotes seem to be the lure of choice. Hard fighting fish. Instant screaming of reels while still in the 'riggers.... Never seen springs jump like this before either. Will keep you posted. Gonna take all my will power NOT to go out again tonight, as the fish are here...

yes steve the fishing has been very good to alot of people this year. hopefully it keeps up!!! who needs a net when you can tail them. boozie was worried, but i wasn't. i haven't been able to get out often, but maybe now that ball is over.

no squaglers
I guess all good things have to come to an end... Out last night again, absolutely nothing. Oh yeah, one dogfish. Hopefully only and anomoly... bait showing everywhere, similar to earlier in the week, but no fish on the line. Will keep you posted. Once I find them again, I will let you all know.
Hey any updates I just got back from guiding at Milbanke and am heading up to the Sound tomorrow...Was thinking of having a look at the Hatchery run up at Davis Bay any word on that...Chaster is closer and I don't have to trailer the boat so any updates on that are good....cheers
coho have not moved in yet... either at davis bay or chaster. was down at the beach last night, and saw nothing. however, there are springs around, as you have read in this discussion... try those mud flats from gower point to chaster creek. there is feed everywhere. look to go shallower than you think, 35-60 feet in 40-70 feet of water. the spoons are deinitely the way to go, cop car, blue and silver, green and silver all working well. have not tried anchovie yet, but would assume they would work well also... only down side is dogfish with bait. let me know how you make out! I am on holiday next week and will be out on monday and tuesday... 16ft hourston, ill be around!
perfect thanks...my laptop is shot up there but i will be out in my bayliner bowrider (blue)....gonna maybe give it a crack tonight or tomorrow
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