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Was undecided whether to surf or fish today but faced with a beauty 12 ft swell with little wind I could not pass up surfing but I packed my rod just in case the conditions did not materialize. Well the surf was no where near what I expected but still fun with only three guys out. I caught a few then packed it in early as the tide was dropping fast and there was just enough time to hit Sooke River on my way home, and try to catch some chum and coho on the fly.

Found a spot to myself on the river and ended up catching three Chum including my first Chum ever, as well as first Chum on a flyrod. What a blast! The first one was the best as it ran up and down the pool multiple times stripping line and jumping then swimming towards me leaving me frantically trying to catch up to it with my reel.
At one point my line was clear across the river so I was very surprised when the fish jumped at my feet and then took off. I eventually caught up to it and brought it to the beach and released it.

I was using a pink fly similar to a Pink Eve with a little neon green head.

Really glad I did not race home to catch the game.

What a day. It's great to be self employed! Now its time to work.
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