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I suspect this product is very similar to the mesh gloves we have used here for some time and are used by hatchery personnel in many places. An interesting glove indeed, although I am still on the bubble in regards to glove use as I am positive slime loss is happening with any man made product. That slime loss is indeed worrisome, as is a uncontrollable flopping fish, so I struggle with which is worse. For now I am not using any glove and am able to monitor the post release condition of some fish due to their capture.
So far fish handled without glove are not experiencing any slime loss fungal reactions, so I am leaning towards no glove use. I would however be interested in trying this glove and the mlar one we use to see if slime loss is measurable or not. I do shudder watching anglers pick up fish for a picture and drop them on the rocks or lose control of the fish and it attempts auto bonk on the rocks.
First off all anglers should be in the water with the fish and only lift them slightly for a pic, but inexperience is the number one factor in mishandling fish , so education is the key.

Glad to see people out there use this glove as opposed to that demonic BOGA gRIP piece of junk.
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