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lifetimer said:
hey im heading up to telagraph cove for my first time on the 12th. Any info on what to use or where to fish would be great.

If fishing out of Telegraph cove I would recommend heading through Weynton passage past Stubbs island and over to Donegal head. This can be a really productive spot. Further on up that side of Malcolm island is Lizard point. Troll between the head and the point in 120-150ft of water and set your gear around 75ft. sometimes much less, sometimes a bit more. Bere point up and around the other side of Lizard point is usually a steady producer but is a bit of a run from Lizard and is exposed to the open waters of Queen Charlotte strait. If it is windy it can be a little uncomfortable fishing. If you want protected waters then don't overlook Mitchell bay on the other side of Donegal head. It is a relatively small area but produces fish on a regular basis. Blackfish Sound should be an area of interest, particularly the water around Flower island which is just off Swanson island, and toward Red point on Harbledown island. This area can be crowded but it usually an indicator that there are fish in the area especially if there are guide boats present. Be careful of the bottom structure close to Flower as it is unforgiving. As far as what to use, my advice to you would be to make a trip into Port McNeill and visit the tackle shop. They have a large selection of gear and some timely local knowledge and advice. Just make sure you buy something before becoming too inquisitive. The go to gear is usually a flasher/anchovy set-up, but don't be stuck on one thing if it isn't producing. Hootchies, spoons, and plugs all produce in this area. Have a great trip and Good Luck!!!! Chalupa
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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