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TFO axiom series

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Have heard nothing but good things of this series. Just wondering if any of you are fishing them? Going to get an 8 for salmon and maybe the 5 for trout. thanks for any info.... :thumbup:
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I haven't heard of this TFO, is it a new model this year?

:cheers: Rick
Yes i believe they are new Rick. Have looked around on the internet a bit and all forum posts on them are really positive. 5 wt retails on the net for 249.00 and the 6, 8, 10 wt's retail for 275.00. I believe that pricing is from the states. Saw them priced at 450 from a shop in calgary.
From what I've been told they are a similar action to the TICR-X series, a little heavier but faster recovery. The TFO pricing is more up here due to wholesaler pricing from what I was told......

I have played with the 6wt and 8wt TICR-X and if the action is similar then I would say the rod would be quite nice.
Ya its too bad about the pricing up here. I try to support local shops as much as possible but sometimes there is just to much of a price difference. hope to find it up here for at least close to the american prices.
some shops will match the US price or at least come close :thumbup: this way it spells business for them and not someone else
In this case it's not really a matter of matching a price, from what I've seen for most of the big names the dollar has caught up with the wholesaler, and worked it's way down to the stores so they can if they choose to adjust prices, but I'm not sure if TFO has done so. So the store would be dropping their drawers to do so.

That aside, dereke if you get top chuck one of those rods whenever they come around let us know how they are. :)
I actually saw the 6 wt in Kamloops at wholesale sports today for 279.00. Great that they have basically matched the american pricing. Im going to try and order the two through them and will let you all know how they are.
Forgot about wholesale sports up there now, I was refering to the smaller shops, not quite the same buying power ;)
Ya agreed, they are somewhat of a bigger box type store. I think they are at least Canadian owned.
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