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Well back from the abyss of nine straight days on the fly.
As promised a report on the lakes I visited.

Douglas lake: Was the only unit at Prince Phillip point.

Trolled some pink sprats for Kokanee 8 fish in a 2 hour tour.Not much size
but great scrappers.Also picked up a couple of rainbows on a pink fly?
Figured out why we were the only unit there mosquitoes were having there reunion
Salmon Lake: This was our home base.
Fished 4 days here.
Trolled with the kids for a day Everyone had at least 2 fish.
42cm was the best.Leeches were the fly of choise.
Wind was a problem.
I did some casting in the weed beds lost count of the fish.
Best was a 51cm.
Chromies and damsel nymphs were awesome.

JimmyLake:Did a evening fish here couple of fish each all over 50cm all released.
Leech and dragon nymphs were good.
Woods lake: Tried here Fathers Day guess where all the fathers were?
Nugget Lake:Road is so grown over truck couldn't make it.Small toy or atv would be
Drum Lake:Weather was wet for a few days.Makes for very slick hill.Didn't chance it.
Blue Lake:Was the best 2 days fishing of them all.
Went for an afternoon came back the next day!
This is a triploid lake, huge fish, hard to catch.
Found the right pattern and couldn't keep them off.
When you get 8lb test snapped three times you know they like it.
Sorry can't tell you the pattern sworn to secrecy.
Took a 57cm one for the freezer.
Dardanelles Lake: Had too much fun @Blue didn't make it there.
Heard it was good.

Back to the grind tight lines
salmon j8)
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