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Well tried the Ved today
hit Hotrods rock at first light
nothing doing so went up a bit higher
nothing doing there
went back to Hot rods rock and decided to try a different bait(hotrod i have a new bait that works well)
after a few casts fish on, no, er, yes, er i think
it was a Rainbow about 1lb :D
few more casts and fish on, oh yeh fish on
small battle in and out of fast current
then i try to take a picture and batteries dead :wallbash:
so i get the fish in close and unhook him 30lb+ male spring :happy:
lots of fish moving up
few more casts and fish on few head shakes and gone
this happened a few more times then it died off
so i went down river to just above On The Way
stepped over a branch and caught my waders rip nice slit in waders :'(
any way there is no one there fishing ;D
had a few casts and fish on
nice female chum
hooked and released a few more then it died there too
so i hit the canal
not many people there
guy next to me was hitting lots of chum(flossing)
I tried a spinner with float but nothing the i notice one guy just using a spinner and he hooked and lost a couple of Cohos
so i changed to a Gibbs croc and after a few casts fish on
the guy using the spinner tails it for me
i put my finger up through the gills and carry it to the shore but my finger slips up high into its mouth and it starts to go crazy shaking like mad and cutting into my finger with its teeth
i try to grab hold with my thumb but it end up in its mouth and gets cut too
i get to shore and drop the fish 9lb+ hatch buck coho :thumb up:
i see blood on my hand :eek:
i bonk the fish and put my hand in he water only to see lots of blood ousing from my finger :-\
luckily i have a first aid kit in my bag (ran out of band aids)
i wipe it clean with antiseptic wipe
wrap the wipe around my finger and tie it off with bait twine and carry on fishing
after about half a dozen casts my finger is throbbing
packed up and left

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Insert Quote
I don't believe that's what they meant when they said you needed to
"bleed" the fish Britguy.
:happy: :happy: :happy: :happy:

Here is the fish

Any battle wound pics?
dont show up well on the camera and i am keeping them taped up for now

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well the hand is healing well
I was concerned about infection :confused:
but i guess it paid off having a first aid kit in my bag and one in my car too ;D
cant wait to hit the Ved again next week
will try my new type of bait again too
no mess with egg preperation
and stays on the hook longer if used with magic thread
and the fish hit it hard
I caught my first steelie on it so i guess it works :thumbup:

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Glad not problem with cuts. I would like to stress the importance of a first aid kit with medicine for cuts, scrapes, bandage, etc. Personal experience, fishing trip to salt water, cut or insect bite on my wrist, put nothing on it (stupid) ; went to hospital emergency room that night and spent 2 days in the hospital due to an infection and fever. Full recovery, 10 years ago.

I stress use of medicine on cuts etc. and after cleaning game or fish wash hands in rubbing alcohol. Just some comments from a person who learned the hard way. Salt.

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Bacteria from fish slime can infect any injuries caused by unhooking or even cleaning a fish. I've had my finger swell up a few times after it was scrarched up by fish and then going on to handle them!


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Thats why i have a first aid kit in my car(with wound cleaner)
and one in my fishing bag(now topped up with band aids) :thumbup:
i also have baby wipes in my car to get rid of some of the smell of bait or fish
before i drive home 8)
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