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The Great White Fishout!!!

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what a great day for a fishout. we're going to try to coordinate 3 separate reports, and we'll be looking for Rib for eloquence, and Ortho for accuracy!!!
I'll give you a hint, caught a few fish, and didn't get rained on. OK, so what's a little snow :lol:
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Yes Indeed!!! We have some great material here...our group ended up getting in pretty late...boy did we ever have one weird day....

Could you guys send me links to pictures from a sight like "photobucket" or anything compatible? They don't have to be fish pics necessarily, but that would be nice too...Also, some kind of summary of your excursions today as well, conditions, anything funny that may have happened, etc, etc, etc...It doesn't have to be a lot, just pm me with a few specifics and I will try and get some kind of story up here before I forget it all...

It was great to finally meet all you guys, your significant others, pets and jet boats...Hanging out in a beautiful place, with beautiful, all be it cold weather...:wink: Ogobogo, Fishortho, Slamdunk, Wookie, Marko, Wagonmaster, Hook, Teralyn (sorry :oops: ), HeyNow, Cathy, Caesar, and last but not least Steelietrav thanks very much for a great weekend...
Ribwart !! :oops:

her name is Teralyn i guess you forgot again after i corrected you

ha ha ha no hard feelings buddy

cant wait to read that post from everyone

cause i know our day was a great and crazy day :shock: :shock: :shock:

it was great to meet some of the guys i havent met before from here but have spoken with and seeing those i have fished with again.

tight lines


P.S. GOD I AM BEAT AND SO IS THE WOMAN :wink: and yes boys she feels fine now was just sore from the walking thanks for asking how she was doing she appreciated that alot

see you boys out there again soon. i guess it will probably be for some Steelies now eh :wink:
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